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From the first crispy bite of succulent pork to the last juicy riblet, you’ll be transported to a world of flavor that is the hallmark of true Southern BBQ at Chef Chris Burke’s Crown Barbeque, where pork is king. Crown Barbecue takes diners on a Hickory Smoke-infused adventure of Chef Burke’s signature BBQ Triangle, featuring Central Texas, Eastern NC, and Memphis Style inspirations. Each layer of the Crown Barbecue experience is designed to stand on its own and work in harmony with Southern flavor profiles that celebrate the culinary traditions of America’s BBQ belt – slow and low over coals, crisping up the skin at the very end of the cook for the perfect balance of crispy, succulent meat and smoky flavor.

A Brooklyn native, Chef Burke began his culinary career in NYC as an unpaid helper, quickly realizing that he could turn his passion for food into a lifelong career. After working his way up the ranks, his sheer grit and determination saw the 9/11 survivor graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in both New York and Singapore, before cooking in some of the world’s top kitchens. With a degree in Gastronomy and a masterful understanding of food and flavor, Chef Burke established himself as a thought-leader in the culinary industry, competing on the Food Network’s Chopped twice as well as cooking for the best in the world, from Nantucket and Lake Tahoe to Europe and Asia. After mastering the art and science of live fire cookery, Chef Chris Burke brings you a BBQ joint that captivates the senses of ‘Q lovers from far and wide.

Adventuring along North Carolina’s Historical Barbecue Trail, and visiting an array of noteworthy BBQ joints on the Texas Top 50 list, Chef Burke’s lingering curiosity has left no smoked stone unturned in his quest to perfect the craft of BBQ. His most recent undertaking has immersed him in Southern cuisine and culture; in learning the importance of real Hickory Smoke and the nuances of each BBQ region, he seeks to create his own mouth-watering take on the American classic with homemade sides that are the perfect accompaniment to any ‘Q feast. ”

“Chef Burke looks forward to establishing a sustainable and local “whole hog” program in the near future, while he continues to refine his BBQ menu, develop his butchery and fire management skills, and share his love of BBQ with locals and visitors alike. His philosophy is simple: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, which keeps him cooking up the kind of BBQ that delivers the full umami experience that traditional Southern BBQ is known for. Inspired by the rich history of the Carolinas and Texas, Chef Burke’s Crown Barbecue stands as a smoky celebration of Southern cuisine and culture, where the only thing better than the food, is the company you’re sharing it with.”



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